Michael Kors Acquires British Brand Jimmy Choo

Michael Kors

A creative individual and former Nashville editor of NYLON Magazine, Heidi Jewell serves as the senior account manager for VOCO Creative in Denver, Colorado. In this capacity, she executes social media and digital campaigns and manages client relationships. Outside of work, Heidi Jewell of Denver stays abreast of changes within the fashion industry.

The United States-based fashion brand Michael Kors recently acquired British luxury brand Jimmy Choo in an auction for £896 million. This was the fourth time that Jimmy Choo has changed hands since its inception; the company was previously sold less than three years ago on the London Stock Exchange for around £545 million.

Malaysian shoemaker Jimmy Choo and Vogue accessories editor Tamara Mellon founded the brand in 1996 in London. A few years later, it rose to fame when the brand was featured on the television series Sex and the City. Since then, it has expanded to roughly 150 stores and 60 franchise outlets around the world and became synonymous with high-end footwear.

Unfortunately, the brand has fallen out of high fashion in recent years. The brand’s shoe designs are often impractical and are only reserved for individuals with expensive lifestyles. Jimmy Choo sold his half of the company’s stake in 2001 and Mellon left 10 years after that when JAB Luxury bought the brand for over £500 million.

Michael Kors hopes that the new acquisition of Jimmy Choo will help the company enter the luxury market, thus diversifying the brand and increasing sales for Michael Kors.


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