The Importance of Facebook Video in Social Media Campaigns

VOCO Creative pic
VOCO Creative

Heidi Jewell works as a senior account manager at VOCO Creative, a marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado. At VOCO, Heidi Jewell, who previously worked in television and publishing in Nashville, develops and manages social media campaigns for clients in Denver and across the country.

For businesses in nearly any industry, social media has taken center stage as the go-to platform for connecting with consumers. Developing a successful marketing campaign with digital platforms involves crafting a steady flow of creative content that engages viewers while helping the company refine its outreach to key demographics.

As social media continues to dominate the marketing space, various sub-trends will likely come and go. For example, Facebook recently changed its algorithms to favor video over other content forms. Users see video posts more prominently in their news feeds, regardless of the size of the clip.

Companies can generate more traffic on Facebook by modifying their social media campaign accordingly. However, posting video is only part of the equation. Content must also feature quality storytelling, running only as long as the story requires. The most successful video strategies are therefore the ones that find a balance between appealing to both computers and consumers.


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