Creating Visually Appealing Photos of Food Items

Appealing Photos  pic
Appealing Photos

A senior account manager with VOCO Creative in Denver, Heidi Jewell directs results-focused online advertising and social media campaigns. At the Denver firm, Heidi Jewell executes digital campaigns that integrate the latest technological capacities.

A particular focus for several clients is on effectively presenting food items through photography. One basic tenet of successful food images involves utilizing as much natural light as possible. Setting items on counters near windows that allow in indirect sunlight allows the food photographer to control just how much light suffuses the room while avoiding a washed-out effect.

At the same time, pay attention to those aspects of a food combination that makes it mouthwatering. Highlight specific textures with close-up work; for example, rather than presenting a hamburger as a whole, from a distance, focus on cheese melting on the burger, accented by items such as tomato and caramelized onion. Even if the entire food item is not visible, the viewer’s mind will do the work in filling in what the dish looks like. Consider strategic placement of an out-of-focus item in the background, such as a pickle or a serving of coleslaw.


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