High Heels May be Going Extinct

High Heels pic
High Heels
Image: vampfootwear.com

Heidi Jewell is a photographer, marketing consultant, and social media account manager in Denver, Colorado. The style-savvy professional is originally from Nashville, where she edited lifestyle, fashion, and culture pieces for popular publications. In Denver, Heidi Jewell continues to keep a watchful eye on developments in the fashion world.

More and more women are trading in their high heels for comfortable flats and trainers. This change is partially due to the influence of high-fashion designers, such as Ashley Olson, who have been sporting Birkenstocks and ballet flats in recent years. Paris Fashion Week saw an influx of flip-flops instead of heels this year as well.

The athletic leisurewear trend is also a large factor in the shift. Casual athletic styles have become a staple in daily wear, and women are choosing to pair their yoga pants with trainers and sneakers instead of the four-inch heels of years past. Everyone from Heidi Klum to Kate Hudson to Beyonce has released an “athleisure” line in the last few years, providing many fashionable choices in casual footwear.


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