The Judging Process for the Davey Awards


Davey Awards pic
Davey Awards

For the past several years, Heidi Jewell has managed client relationships and digital campaigns as the senior account manager for VOCO Creative in Denver, Colorado. The former Nashville editor for NYLON Magazine, Heidi Jewell of Denver has earned several awards over the course of her career, including the 2016 Davey Award for website design.

Designed for small agencies, the Davey Awards are given out to companies and individuals who demonstrate excellence within the visual and creative arts field. These awards are judged by top-tier professionals who belong to the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA), an invitation-only organization made up of top advertising, marketing, and media leaders.

The AIVA carefully evaluates Davey Awards entries based on a standard of excellence that the organization has set. Winners are divided into gold and silver categories, depending on each entry’s creative merits. Most gold winners receive a score of at least 9.0 on a 10-point scale, while silver winners score between 7.0 and 8.9.

Once entries have been assigned a score, the AIVA makes best in show selections. These selections are typically made from the group of gold winners and are based on both scoring and other aspects of each entry’s merit. The organization selects 11 best in show honors that are given out for each of the 11 possible mediums.

Judges complete the judging process in October of every year and all entrants receive an email and postal mail notification that informs them of the status of their entry. Meanwhile, award winners are sent a winner’s notification packet.


Michael Kors Acquires British Brand Jimmy Choo

Michael Kors

A creative individual and former Nashville editor of NYLON Magazine, Heidi Jewell serves as the senior account manager for VOCO Creative in Denver, Colorado. In this capacity, she executes social media and digital campaigns and manages client relationships. Outside of work, Heidi Jewell of Denver stays abreast of changes within the fashion industry.

The United States-based fashion brand Michael Kors recently acquired British luxury brand Jimmy Choo in an auction for £896 million. This was the fourth time that Jimmy Choo has changed hands since its inception; the company was previously sold less than three years ago on the London Stock Exchange for around £545 million.

Malaysian shoemaker Jimmy Choo and Vogue accessories editor Tamara Mellon founded the brand in 1996 in London. A few years later, it rose to fame when the brand was featured on the television series Sex and the City. Since then, it has expanded to roughly 150 stores and 60 franchise outlets around the world and became synonymous with high-end footwear.

Unfortunately, the brand has fallen out of high fashion in recent years. The brand’s shoe designs are often impractical and are only reserved for individuals with expensive lifestyles. Jimmy Choo sold his half of the company’s stake in 2001 and Mellon left 10 years after that when JAB Luxury bought the brand for over £500 million.

Michael Kors hopes that the new acquisition of Jimmy Choo will help the company enter the luxury market, thus diversifying the brand and increasing sales for Michael Kors.

The Importance of Facebook Video in Social Media Campaigns

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VOCO Creative

Heidi Jewell works as a senior account manager at VOCO Creative, a marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado. At VOCO, Heidi Jewell, who previously worked in television and publishing in Nashville, develops and manages social media campaigns for clients in Denver and across the country.

For businesses in nearly any industry, social media has taken center stage as the go-to platform for connecting with consumers. Developing a successful marketing campaign with digital platforms involves crafting a steady flow of creative content that engages viewers while helping the company refine its outreach to key demographics.

As social media continues to dominate the marketing space, various sub-trends will likely come and go. For example, Facebook recently changed its algorithms to favor video over other content forms. Users see video posts more prominently in their news feeds, regardless of the size of the clip.

Companies can generate more traffic on Facebook by modifying their social media campaign accordingly. However, posting video is only part of the equation. Content must also feature quality storytelling, running only as long as the story requires. The most successful video strategies are therefore the ones that find a balance between appealing to both computers and consumers.

Explaining the Davey Awards

Davey Awards pic
Davey Awards

A Nashville native, Heidi Jewell serves as a senior account manager with Denver-based marketing firm VOCO Creative. Through her work for the Denver-based company, Heidi Jewell helped a VOCO client achieve a Davey Award for website design in 2016.

Established to recognize the achievements of small businesses in the face of immense competition from larger companies, the Davey Awards reference the Biblical story of David and Goliath, with the “Davids” of creative design gaining plaudits for their efforts to leverage big ideas, despite budget limitations.

Sanctioned by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA), a collective of leading visual arts professionals from some of the world’s major advertising, media, and marketing companies, the Davey Awards are open to any companies that fall below a maximum billings or earnings threshold, which is set dependent on the company’s line of business, but currently does not exceed $25 million in billing or revenue.

AIVA scores all entrants on a 10-point scale, with those receiving 9.0 or above earning gold awards, while those scoring between 7.0 and 8.9 receive silver awards. Further, the judging panel selects Best in Class award recipients from the companies that earn gold awards.

Creating Visually Appealing Photos of Food Items

Appealing Photos  pic
Appealing Photos

A senior account manager with VOCO Creative in Denver, Heidi Jewell directs results-focused online advertising and social media campaigns. At the Denver firm, Heidi Jewell executes digital campaigns that integrate the latest technological capacities.

A particular focus for several clients is on effectively presenting food items through photography. One basic tenet of successful food images involves utilizing as much natural light as possible. Setting items on counters near windows that allow in indirect sunlight allows the food photographer to control just how much light suffuses the room while avoiding a washed-out effect.

At the same time, pay attention to those aspects of a food combination that makes it mouthwatering. Highlight specific textures with close-up work; for example, rather than presenting a hamburger as a whole, from a distance, focus on cheese melting on the burger, accented by items such as tomato and caramelized onion. Even if the entire food item is not visible, the viewer’s mind will do the work in filling in what the dish looks like. Consider strategic placement of an out-of-focus item in the background, such as a pickle or a serving of coleslaw.

The OMMA Awards

heidi jewell
Heidi Jewell, Denver

A former television personality in Nashville, Heidi Jewell now serves as a senior account manager with VOCO Creative in Denver. Through her work with the Denver-based company, Heidi Jewell has received several awards, including a 2016 Online Marketing Media and Advertising (OMMA) award for her work with Earth Balance.

Established in 2004, the OMMA Awards recognize advertising and marketing efforts that go beyond the current boundaries of digital advertising. Offered internationally, the awards require candidates to submit 300-word briefs, which should explain the objectives of the project and any supporting data or anecdotes that highlights the creativity of the work, alongside entries, with any supporting media or creative materials also requiring English translation before submission.

Submission of the same project to multiple award categories is permitted, assuming the submitting agency completed the majority of the project’s work as it relates to each category. Entrants must reference any outside agencies that participated in the project’s development and provide details on each agency’s contributions.

High Heels May be Going Extinct

High Heels pic
High Heels

Heidi Jewell is a photographer, marketing consultant, and social media account manager in Denver, Colorado. The style-savvy professional is originally from Nashville, where she edited lifestyle, fashion, and culture pieces for popular publications. In Denver, Heidi Jewell continues to keep a watchful eye on developments in the fashion world.

More and more women are trading in their high heels for comfortable flats and trainers. This change is partially due to the influence of high-fashion designers, such as Ashley Olson, who have been sporting Birkenstocks and ballet flats in recent years. Paris Fashion Week saw an influx of flip-flops instead of heels this year as well.

The athletic leisurewear trend is also a large factor in the shift. Casual athletic styles have become a staple in daily wear, and women are choosing to pair their yoga pants with trainers and sneakers instead of the four-inch heels of years past. Everyone from Heidi Klum to Kate Hudson to Beyonce has released an “athleisure” line in the last few years, providing many fashionable choices in casual footwear.